About Me

Born in Saharanpur, British India, Humayun Talat received his early
Education at Catholic Sacred Heart School and Anglican St Anthony
High School Lahore. In 1952, he joined Lawrence College, Public
School, Murree, founded by famous Sir Henry Lawrence in 1860.

He then left for England and joined Innes of Court at Inner
Temple, London.  However, he did not pursue a career in law.
Imbibed with revolutionary fervour he abandoned traditional
profession in a quest to serve the down trodden and indigent
populace in the most remote and backword areas of Sindh and 
His sound work and feel for the oppressed led him to become
a practicing bare foot doctor. But he realised after three years
that the popular expectations exceeded his medical skills. Hence
he turned inward to harness his creative impulses. This led to
the flowering of his talent as  a portrait and landscape painter.
This has been his full time profession for the last four decades.

He migrated to England for the second time in 2003 and after
two years in London moved to Oxford ever since as a renowned
portrait and landscape painter.

To get in touch my E: humayuntalat@hotmail.com T: +44 7748361438